Watch Jav Online Yuki in her second year of marriage sent her husband Toshiyuki and happy everyday. However Yuki was forced into Okajima of a violent continuous woman violence demon and was deprived of a happy life. Everyday I get fucked by Okajima while my husband is away, the conflicting days that can not be confirmed to my husband begin. Yuuki, contrary to the mind, was going to transform itself into a body that once felt insults of Okajima ....結婚2年目の優希は夫の俊之と幸せな毎日を送っていた。しかし凶悪な連続婦女暴行魔の岡島に押し入られてしまい、幸せな生活を奪われてしまった優希。夫の留守中に岡島に犯される毎日、夫には打ち明けられない葛藤の日々が始まる。優希は心とは裏腹に、いつしか岡島の凌辱に感じてしまう身体へと変化していくのだったが…。 by JavFast, Javfinder