Watch Jav Online My classmate girls who were teasing me during my school days became mothers, and I am a teacher who is not keen. By chance I became a teacher of such a child's homeroom teacher and we met again for a long time! Her child is a problem child in class and admission is also dangerous! So, as a child visiting school by home visit depends on teacher 's teacher' s point of submission depends on me ... Mommy who was once teasing me was crawling and crawling for a child so I caught him. I naturally hugged my husband! Now I can not do anything ...学生時代ボクをいじめていたクラスメイト女子はママになり、ボクは冴えない教師。偶然そんな彼女の子供の担任教師になり久々に再会!彼女の子供はクラスの問題児で進学も危うい!なので家庭訪問で子供の進学は担任教師であるボクの書く内申点次第と言うと…かつてボクをいじめていたママは悔しがりながらも這いつくばり子供のためチ○ポを咥えてきた!当然ボクは遠慮なく抱いてやりました!今さらどうにもならないんだけどね… by JavFast, Javfinder