Watch Jav Online What Aoi was seeing as a nurse at the Kwantung Army field hospital in Manchuria saw a desertion fighter called "Malta" performing biological experiments for bacterial warfare. The nurse who is becoming a sex slave of the military doctor fails to escape and is killed in the gas room. Aoi will accept the acts of colonel's insult to live and return to his country ....満州の関東軍野戦病院に看護師として派遣されたあおいが見たものは、「マルタ」と呼ばれる脱走兵を細菌戦の為に生体実験をしているところだった。軍医大佐の性奴隷になっている看護師長は脱走に失敗し、ガス室で殺害される。あおいは生きて祖国に帰る為に大佐たちの凌辱行為を受け入れてしまうのだが…。 by JavFast, Javfinder