Watch Jav Online Pears are excellent CAs. One day, I got in touch with former curry in college days. That's a gonzo picture of those days. Pears feared for revenge porno are inevitable to men .... On the other hand, Minori is said to be a charisma of the beauty world but on the other side is a pervert masochist who is trained by men. The two who did not interfere got unprecedented pleasure by training while ugly confronting jealousy. Two women go beyond their roles to a pleasure, sadness and a sense of defeat, and they will expose the nature ....梨々花は優秀なCA。ある日、大学時代の元カレから連絡があった。それは当時のハメ撮り映像。リベンジポルノを恐れた梨々花はやむを得なく男達の元へ…。一方、みのりは美容界のカリスマと称されているが裏では男たちに調教を受けている変態マゾ。交わることのなかった二人は、嫉妬心を醜くぶつけ合いながら、調教によって未曾有の快楽を得る。押し寄せる快感と悲しみ、敗北感に二人の女は役柄を超えて、本性を剥き出しにする…。