Watch Jav on-line Mr. Ryoko, receptionist, who got here across an area in which Shibata, sales manager before the demotion turned into being reprimanded as handling director. Ryoko puts words of encouragement to Shibata who will close up, however Shibata who was desperate abandoned secretly devised measures to make this stunning receptionist a factor.降格目前の営業部長柴田が、専務に叱責されている所に偶然出くわしてしまった受付嬢の涼子。塞ぎこむ柴田に、涼子は励ましの言葉をかけるが、自暴自棄になった柴田は密かにこの美人受付嬢をモノにする策を練るのだった。 by