Watch Jav Online A serious incident occurred! An obscene video was taken in the victim that popular idols were captured and abducted, and it seems that the movie has been uploaded to the net! The criminal is sexual criminal addicts Osawa and Takahara! Furthermore, it is called "a man with a finger of a demon", and the involvement of the legendary mud doctor · Mr. Seijiro Miyasaka declining women to pleasure hell with sexual technique is confirmed! ! Kanon, a criminal investigator with a heart full of justice and a hot heart, and Kaori Asakura of a scientific investigation team. The fate of their women approaching the core of the incident and how! What?重大事件発生!人気アイドルが拉致監禁された挙句に猥褻ビデオを撮られ、その動画がネットにアップされている模様!犯人は性犯罪常習者の大沢と高原!更には「悪魔の指を持つ男」と呼ばれ、性技で女性を快楽地獄に堕とす伝説のマッドドクター・宮坂誠士郎の関与も確定!!正義感に溢れ熱いハートを持つ犯罪捜査官の峰カノンと科学捜査班の朝倉香織。事件の核心に迫る彼女たちの運命やいかに!? by JavFast, Javfinder