Watch Jav Online Riko who became a third grader at the university and chose a venture company where a senior, a longing admirer for employment training, found employment. Working with a senior who took charge of the education staff was fun, and Riko was doing his best while dreaming of his job offer. ...... It was Terukawa of the personnel department manager who was asking about the state of such Riko. The fun of Togawa was to use her title to an initial female college student coming to training every year, making her subject obedient while flickering, to disseminate her sexual desire. ★ To purchase items from the adult book "Asuka Rin Photo Collection" click here ★大学三年生になり、就業研修先に憧れの先輩が就職したベンチャー企業を選んだ理子。教育係を引き受けてくれた先輩との仕事は楽しくて、理子は内定を夢見ながら頑張っていた。……そんな理子の様子を伺っていたのは人事部長の戸川。戸川の楽しみは毎年研修にやってくる初々しい女子大生に自分の肩書を利用して内定をチラつかせながら服従させ、性欲を発散する事だった。★アダルトブック「飛鳥りん写真集」の商品ご購入はこちらから★ by JavFast, Javfinder